Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I need a little fairy to poof in, clean up, and leave!

I make a mess when I am furiously creating at the pace I have been in the last month. The mess builds and I only stop to clean once all possible space has been depleted. I am on the last little bit of a corner of my desk at this point, so tonight I am sure I will be doing a quick clean up so I can start the process again!

The beautiful butterfly you see on the card was made by Kathy Panton. I love it! The little pictures you see paperclipped to my Post-It note drawer are a couple of the images I purchased from Piddix. I made a little booboo on the pumpkin picture, so it is there to keep me company. The girl looking in the well is ready to be applied to something, so she is just hanging out for now.

The zippy pouch is just like one that I will have for sale in my Etsy shop in the very near future.

All the markers, the pan, the punch, the pencils, are for shrink plastic I have been working on.

The spools of thread are there because I ran out of room on my craft table to put them.


Want to know more about my desk mess. Ask me.

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CoveredInCrafts said...

Every room is organized and clean untl you reach my scrap room. LOL! I need that clean up fairy too. I try to keep it okay but I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles. I'm so happy I found your blog!! I love it!