Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Since My Last Post...

I have been wanting to create some displays that I think are pretty. So, Saturday I made a wire tree. I think it turned out so great. I do think I got a little fancy for the kind of jewelry I make. I don't get into making fancy baubles, I will leave that to people who know what they are doing when it comes to gems and metals. But, I really do love how my little tree turned out.

I have finally finished taking all of my finished product photos. That was a bear of a job. I am not kidding. I bet between taking the photos and editing them, I have spent at least a 40 hour week on it total. So, now that I have lots of stock for my shops and I have the photos done for all of that, I am going to get into the habit of making three new items for each shop, taking the photos and editing them and getting that listed all in a constant cycle. This way I won't be behind, keeping fingers crossed, and I won't feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Here is a sampler of some of my new items:

I have had several orders in the last few days. Yippee! I think my hard work is paying off.

Weekend before last, I decided my love would enjoy going on a photo scavenger hunt. So, I made her a card with the rules and the list of items she had to take photos of. She has a motorcycle, and this gave her a good reason, not that she needed one, for going riding. So far out of 10 items, she has photographed three. This is two trips out. lol She is choosy like me. One of the things on her list was a photo of an animal. I just figured, given our location, she would get a picture of a cow, horse, or a dog. Look what she found instead. lol

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dollhouse Update

I got my dollhouse on Monday. Every surface in my house was covered with some other craft in mid-finish that I couldn't get it out and play with it until last night. We unpacked it and did a quick put together just to make sure all of the major components were there and that they would fit together nicely. They were and they do!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the nice way it was packed in the boxes it came in, but I was so into getting it all out that I didn't even think about it.

Keep in mind the pictures are just to show the beginning progress, so we didn't bother with the smaller parts, so it doesn't look its best. Hold that against us and not the seller. In case you have forgotten, here is the seller's shop again so that you can go have a look see! I am about to go leave good feedback.

My intentions are to document my dollhouse at each major stage, or maybe even minor stage, of its construction. I am so excited. It is cute and wonderful!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Card Shop is finally up and Running...

I announced a few weeks ago that I was going to revamp my card shop. I have! I introduced new cards, some buttons I made, and I still have quite a few new things to list!

I am really pleased with the way it is shaping up! I am also a new member of the Etsy Greetings Team!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nashville Farmer's Market

Yesterday my love and I went to the Farmer's Market in Nashville. It has been several years since we went. They are revamping the food court, and it needs it. It is disappointing to see so many eateries that have nothing to do with local food and local farms. I hope that is remedied.

The flea market is not a flea market either. Not in my book. To me, a flea market is booths with artisan created items mixed in with people selling their junk. This sad flea market was nothing but a bunch of mass produced knock off junk, like fake Coach bags, and $1.00 store junk.

The actual produce was great though. I love to smell all of the produce when you first walk into the shed. The colors blow me away. It is easy to forget that all of the colors love each other and like to be thrown together. We got some tomatoes, new potatoes, and cucumbers. I got to taste test a watermelon. We got some pictures. We took a little ride around downtown. Most importantly, we spent some time together and had a nice day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Junk Shop Junkie

I love junk shops. No, not "antique shops" not consignment shops, but junk shops. You find the best stuff there. Treasures. Sometimes worth something sometimes not, but interesting as hell.

I have found loads of things in junk shops that I just couldn't believe someone got rid of. Funny thing is, I am not a pack rat. Others among me are, like my love, and my youngest child. So, if I am in a junk shop, falling in love with something, and having a hard time understanding why you got rid of something so useful, knowing damned well you went out a bought an upgrade to the item that cost twice as much and worked half as well. Like the piece of crap plastic everything that people traded all of that gorgeous wood stuff in for. Crazy.

Here is something I found some months back that I love, love, love. A box of stamps. Obviously for office use. Obviously used. But gently. Whoever used this set kept them nice. I am thinking the company that is stamped on the box either made the stamps or they were something they gave away as a premium for their customers. I have looked up the address and the place is still in business. They are in the security business. Safes or locks or something. Still at the same address.

Not sure of the age. They are old. Has the odor. Has the look. The paper lining in the box is not just crumbling, but to the stage of age where it simply disintegrates with each touch. Turns to powder. Now that could be 15 years or 50. I don't know.

Anyway, each of the stamps is awesome. I am a little mad at myself because I had the set in one of my large boxes where I keep my stamps. Unfortunately, a bottle of stamp cleaner was in there too, and leaked all over the storage box, so the box the stamps are in got some of it on the end. Not happy with that.

The set includes the following:
a period "."

It is just awesome.

Think I paid a $1.50 for it.

Junk shops. Good stuff.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it hot in here...

My newest Treasury:


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some things you might like to trade for or buy...

I have been organizing and have a few things I thought someone might want to trade for, or buy. All offers will be considered.

The original Sims game with several expansion packs.. Last time I played it, it worked great. I played it on Windows XP last. I think I had Windows 98 when I first started playing it. It doesn't work on a Vista computer as far as I know. If there are patches to make it work on Vista, I wouldn't know about it since I never looked. I play Sims 2 now and am about to get Sims 3.

Anyway, I have the following games with their booklets:

Sims Deluxe Edition: Read about it here: http://pc.ign.com/objects/486/486968.html
Sims Unleashed: Have pets: Read about it here: http://pc.ign.com/objects/486/486871.html
Sims Making Magic: Make magic, go to an amusement park you build: Read about it here: http://pc.ign.com/objects/569/569957.html

I am a Sims fanatic, but with Sims 2 and Sims 3 I wouldn't have time for the original Sims. Tons of fun. Loads to do. Make an offer. I can send you a PayPal invoice if you just want to buy them.

Please, read about them and be sure you are able to handle any hiccups. I don't want to be responsible for them once they are gone.


Next, I have these two Card making programs. They also will not work on a Vista system, but will work from Windows 95 up to Windows XP. That is how long I have had them! I just loved making fun cards, calendars, etc. with them. You can't use the content for commercial purposes, it is just for making cards for your personal use. I no longer use them since I started making cards to sell.

CreataCard Plus 3 and CreataCard Plus 4 by American Greetings. I still have the book for the Plus 3 version. They work alone and together if I remember right. I think they should stay together. Make an offer.


Easy Microsoft Office 2003 by Nancy D. Lewis. Have no idea why I have this book. Never looked at it that I can remember.


How to Start a Home-Based Desktop Publishing Business by Louise Kursmark
All of them may smell somewhat smoky. We haven't smoked for more than 3 years now, but these things were in heavy use when we did. They have been on a shelf and in a drawer and I didn't really smell smoke on them, but you might.

Friday, July 10, 2009


EDIT: 7/13/2009: Mr. Korda has been found. The family is making funeral arrangements. Deepest Sympathy goes out to the family.

Fellow Etsians father is missing. This is not a joke.

He lives in the Los Angeles, California area and has been missing since yesterday! Please, read her flyer below and contact her immediately if you have information! You can also contact me and I will pass it along. Please, don't play around with this! Also, spread the word everywhere you can. Tweet, blog, etc. Get this viral as fast as possible!


My Current Treasury

Here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=69746

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Constant work is causing Super Crankiness...

I am wearing cranky pants for sure. The day school ended at the end of May, literally the day it ended, I started working on my own handiwork and have not stopped since. Every day I have been at my desk or sewing table doing something for my business. Most of it geared toward my two Etsy shops. I am exhausted and cranky.

I have sewn more than 30 new items, made about 100 buttons, created dozens of new charms, completely revamped my brandedbutterfly Etsy shop, started on a revamp of my brandedbutterflytwo card shop, overhauled my own website, created a new set of business cards, promotional pamphlets, etc., reworked all of my branding graphics, Facebooked, Flickred, and Blogged myself into a tizzy.

I am tired.

I have decided to adopt my alter ego, Chris Redfield, and spend the rest of today killing zombies.

The zombies do not stand a chance.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Have to Have This...

I hope some benevolent fairy will send me the money so I can buy this! I have looked everywhere for a doll house that I would love and this one is it! Check it out in their shop, the VictorianDollhouse! I could make it so awesome!

Edit: I got it, I got it! I can't wait to get it. I will post about it on my blog.

Revamping My Card Shop....

I have been mulling over what to do with my card shop. I was not happy with the way it was. I like my cards, but think they needed a little sprucing up and I also wanted to add in some new stock. I am hoping that Etsy's new feature that will allow us to rearrange out shops will be available soon, so that I can make both of my shops look super cohesive! I am excited about that new feature.

I also will be introducing some brand new cards to my shop. I am most interested in creating cards that have subtle, yet sophisticated, pride/gay themes. I want to expand on my mature cards. They are the most fun to make!

I plan to have all of this done by next Monday! I better get to work!

Please, check out my card shop next Monday for my new cards!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am being featured...

Take a look at two sites that are featuring me!

Scented Luxuries featured me on her lovely blog last week! She featured my black and white retro bag! Check out her blog and her Etsy shop!

HappyPartyMonkey is featuring my brand new Goodie Goody Bags!

I am very honored and excited to be featured! Now go check their blogs out!

A Thread to Love...

Coats and Clark has finally perfected its thread. It only took 200 years.

I am here to tell you that the new Dual Duty xp Polyester/Polyester thread is an awesome thread.

Strong, pretty, and slick. I love it. I will be using it for most of my sewing projects.

When I first started sewing, at the age of about 17, omg 23 years ago, my mother and grandmother gave me all of their remnants, leftover threads, scissors, etc. to get me started.

My grandmother, father's mother, sewed everything for her two girls when they were growing up. Everything. They were wealthy and she purchased the best fabrics and made the latest styles. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it really isn't. They lived in a very small town that was about an hour away from the nearest city of any size, and even then, Greenville North Carolina wasn't what could have been called "high fashion" at the time. It was mostly farm land if my memory serves me.

Those girls were dressed to the nines. I remember seeing their portraits when I was growing up. They always had hat, coat, dress, gloves, stockings, etc. They looked like little princesses. They both grew up to be jerks. Anyway, from my grandmother I got a lot of patterns, fabrics, threads, and advice. At the time the only thing I valued was the advice, which is by far still the most valuable, but boy I wish I had saved those old patterns! Ugh. I could kick myself!

My only actual sit down sewing lesson lasted about 30 minutes. My mother sat down, gave me the run-down on how to read a pattern, how to place pattern pieces on my fabric, and the basics of operating her sewing machine. After that I was off to the races. I would yell to the living room when I would get stuck on that first project, I can't remember what it was, and tell her the issue and she would yell back the solution. We are a very refined bunch.

Some time later, when my sister married her ex, she had a home wedding, and we made her gown. Later still, when my little sister had a baby, my mother purchased all of the fabric needed to make her a Christening gown of satin. My mother abandoned the project and it shifted to me. That is the way sewing was for a few years. Making things for family. Making things for my kids.

A couple of years later, once I was married to my ex, his mother gave me a lot of fabric, thread, and patterns. Some of the fabric she gave me was absolutely wonderful. I made an entire nursery set out of some of it. Yellow gingham for one side and on the reverse of everything I made there was an awesome retro kids fabric. My youngest sister has that set now. Crib sheet, skirt, organizer that hangs over the side of the crib, cloth diaper holder that I loved because it made life easy, crib bumpers, and a mobile of yellow gingham elephants that hung over the crib from one side to the other.

Later, while we were living in Texas, about 1992, I placed ads. in the local papers and started sewing for strangers. Never did figure out what I should have been charging. Some very wealthy people got some very high quality craftsmanship very cheap from a young woman who needed the money to much to boldly ask for what she was worth for fear of them walking away. One of the ladies who contacted me wanted very involved working balloon drapes for a huge bay window that ran the length of her huge fancy tub on the front of her house. She wanted matching things like a band of the same fabric sewn to her towels. She also wanted a little curtain to match for her kitty's poop cubby. How swank.

Anyway, she called me and we made an appointment to meet at her home so I could measure everything and quote her a price. I quoted something so absurdly cheap, like $300 for the labor, that her eyes were gleaming. I wasn't the quick study I am today, so I didn't pick up on it until I was driving away. She got me cheap, and she knew it.

She took me to her hobby room and started pulling this massive amount of fabric out of a clear plastic bag. Beautiful doesn't cover this fabric. It was perfect. It wasn't to my taste, but that is not the point. The point is that anyone with any sense of style and taste knew the minute they saw this fabric that it was perfect, and it was timeless. It would last for years because it did not have a single trendy spot on it. Classy.

As I am studying this fabric, she is telling me all about how she kept drawing and drawing this design and thinking about the colors and changing her mind and going back and starting over. This woman had designed this fabric and had it made for her. Not just some stamped on special order. No, she had it made for her. I can't imagine what she paid for that fabric.

So, I tell her with all the confidence in the world that I will have no problem with these projects and that it will be two weeks at most for me to be finished. Oh, the stupidity that is youth.

As soon as I got out of her house, and started walking toward my car, I started to panic. Just a little at first. Daydreams of horrible bloody car accidents that cause me to bleed all over this priceless fabric gave way to really horrible daydreams of my really fucking up and cutting it only to realize I had maimed it so completely as to render it useless.

They say the young have no fear. They are full of shit.

So, I take the bag in the house, wrap it in a trash bag for extra protection, put it up in my closet and proceed to sweat it out a couple of days. Drawing and re-drawing my plans for the balloon drapes. I knew that as long as I planned that out right, I would be able to get the other little things done without any problem.

A couple of days into worrying about it, I finally took the fabric down and started to work. My hands were shaking so hard for the first few minutes, but then, like I always do, I found my sanctuary and let the work take over. Working the problem is my favorite part of being creative.

They were awesome, too. Lined in white fabric. Three separate sections so that she could have them raised or lowered as needed for light and privacy. They worked like a dream. She was so excited. So stupid then because I never took pictures of anything! Ugh all the photos I wish I had now of past work and the fantastic floral arrangements I have made in my time. Oh well, you live and you learn.

So, long story short, those remnants and left over threads have slowly gone from my life, but the lessons never have.