Friday, September 24, 2010

Card I made for a challenge at The Paper Variety blog.

I used a paper with fall leaves as the border and as the smaller heart. The red card stock I used is called reflections and has a pretty sparkle. I used brown card stock for the larger back heart. The stickers say "Forever love" which is also the title of a TV movie.

Card I made for a challenge on Design Dollies

I like their challenges because they have one where they simply tell you the colors to use. This is a fun concept for a challenge I think.

I think that this quarter fold card has some masculine undertones that I like. The textured burgundy card stock I stamped on is very deep and rich. The black card stock I used for the main card body is called reflections and it has a very pretty glittery shine without the glitter. It is a bit more subtle than ordinary glitter. I used gold and yellow papers on the left border. On the inside I made a place for writing the message.

On the front of our newspapers opinion page today...

Caption read: It’s hard to pick out the gay ser­vice mem­ber in this photo, isn’t it?

So good. Totally surprised that our paper, The Tennessean, was ballsy enough for this. I appreciate it very much given the fact that I am surrounded by homophobic idiots here in the south.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1,000 Markets has died....

As proud as I was to be on 1,000 markets, not because I was chosen because after all the "jury" could be a bunch of wombats in a closet for all I know, but I did love the look of the site and the other sellers for the most part were great creators.

So, another hours long endeavor of my turns out to be a waste of time.

I have got to learn to centralize my online presence and have faith in one thing: me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tattoo Redo...

I have tattoos. I like them, but the 22 year old on my wrist is ready to be a grown up going through a second childhood. lol I got it for my 18 birthday, and since about the time I hit 30, I haven't liked it much. It is a bit faded and degraded, so I am going today to get it covered with something new. I want something that says girly but retains a hard edge to it. I am going at 5 today, and will try to remember to update with some photos of the new tattoo. I am excited.

Here is a photo of the current tattoo. I just discovered it is very difficult to take a photo of a tattoo on your own wrist with your left hand when your tattoo is on the right hand. In other words, the photo sucks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo showing my new Blythe

Originally uploaded by brandedbutterflytwo

My Second Childhood

Originally uploaded by brandedbutterflytwo

As my second childhood continues, I finally got the Blythe doll I have really wanted. She is a Kiss Me True. She is a gothy kind of girl who enjoys going a little preppy from time to time.

I am making her some new outfits. Like the one in the photo. It isn't finished yet, still needs some snaps in the back on the top and the skirt. I am also making her a little felt jacket to wear with this outfit. She is going to need some shoes for this outfit.

She came with a leather jacket, glitzy dress, and some sunglasses. She has black tights and motorcycle boots.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

Photo taken from ferry. About 1989.

Unlike any of my other photos, I want you to take this photo if you would like it. Do not use it in any commercial work or try to sell it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Frist Art Center Exhibition of The Golden Age of Couture!

I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely loved "The Golden Age of Couture" exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts! Stunning!

I have long been a bit obsessed with the website for the V&A Museum who are the curator's of this exhibit, and I drool over the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute pages all the time, so seeing this many well preserved specimens of art created by some of the best artists to ever walk the planet, up close and personal, was a great day!

Cherry on the sundae? We also got to see unbelievable works by Chihuly! Look at them on the internet all you want, but you must see them in person to witness the truly other worldly glow they give off!

The only drawback to the day was neither exhibit had any seating to speak of. It would be nice if the world would realize that people with physical limitations also like to get out and see things like this. Would it kill people to allow for the fact that I need to sit often in order for me to enjoy myself?

Take a look at the following sites to get a taste of what I saw today: