Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tattoo Redo...

I have tattoos. I like them, but the 22 year old on my wrist is ready to be a grown up going through a second childhood. lol I got it for my 18 birthday, and since about the time I hit 30, I haven't liked it much. It is a bit faded and degraded, so I am going today to get it covered with something new. I want something that says girly but retains a hard edge to it. I am going at 5 today, and will try to remember to update with some photos of the new tattoo. I am excited.

Here is a photo of the current tattoo. I just discovered it is very difficult to take a photo of a tattoo on your own wrist with your left hand when your tattoo is on the right hand. In other words, the photo sucks.

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