Friday, July 25, 2008

A Month of the Truly Odd, Weird, & Insanely Interesting

Yesterdays post talking up ZombieParts inspired me to really take a deeper look at the odd. I am kicking off 31 days, July 25 through August 24, of features filled with the truly odd, weird, & insanely interesting shops found on Etsy. Many of them were my finds during my travels through Etsy's pages, and the rest were sent into me as suggestions from others. For the most part I have only window shopped these Etsy stores and haven't made a purchase, so my review is based purely on what I see looking through the glass. If you decide to browse these shops and buy, make sure you read their policy page and profile.



sMacThoughts said...

I look forward to what you will present to us!!

Katie of Branded Butterfly said...

Yeah! I am having fun with it.