Friday, July 25, 2008

Mean, Odd, and Without any Noticeable Socially Redeeming Value

Mature and Adult Content Warning: Please, if you don't enjoy adult content and language, don't read this post.

I like mean things. Mean little eyes and pouty mouths speaking volumes without saying a word. Disney villains always being much more interesting than their heroes. Scar being at the top of the villain heap. Angelica being so wonderfully mean to that bunch of babies. The scrunched eyebrows of Buttercup, sure she helped, but you know she didn't want to. All of those mean little things make me smile. Malevolently, of course!

Here are 3 Etsy shops that exemplify meanness. They run the gamut from sweetly mean to wonderfully incorrigible!

Bittersweeets is an emporium of brooches, stickers, magnets and other small items with big impact. All depict deliciously mean, and quite possibly criminal (the jury is still out), inanimate objects from the food world. This listing really sums it up quite well. After all, if you were a cupcake wouldn't you be a tad bit angry?


Pocomeio is an awesome little shop of mostly mean little plushies! All of the characters have a wonderful handmade feel to them and they all have great facial features that give them personality. The shops "Bad Girls and Boys" section speaks to my mean little heart! Ewww, someone needs a spankin'.


Here come the dirty words. Rounding out this list of mean little shops with scrumptiously displayed angry and bitter behavior is Spidercamp. Spidercamp is a shop run by someone with an elegant way of summing up the delicious world of curse words and swears. Emblazoned across the chests of the wonderful assortment of Spidercamp bunnies are words that get your mouth washed out with soap coupled with faces that say it all.

Now that I am done with my review, I am off to kick some trashcans and pick some fights.

Read tomorrow when I review a few shops who devote their talents to making fantastically bizarre faces out of an array of materials!



T.Allen-Mercado said...

i rather enjoyed this post having a bit of a sparkly personality myself. thanks for sharing-and i've linked your blog unlike those other schmucks!

Lily said...

When I was little I wanted to grow up to be Maleficent. I liked to think I accomplished that. ;)

Katie of Branded Butterfly said...

Don't you think that the villains are always so much more interesting and beautifully represented in Disney? Who could ever look better than Cruella or Maleficent? I was always way more captivated by those characters.

Anonymous said...

I love all your whimsical and funky items that you show! :-)

Thank you for adding me to your blog list, I'll keep checking back to see what's new here.