Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chilled to the Bone

Boutique Obscura specializes in, "combining all manner of mixed-media and contemporary styles, Boutique Obscura caters to certain tastes, utilizing aspects of steampunk, taxidermy, Victorian elegance, retro charm and contemporary cultures... Think of jewelry that your grandma would wear but with a bit of a kick", and the resulting adornments do indeed have "kick".

The beautifully macabre pieces featuring the bones of small animals are a must see. Crafted with an obvious eye for detail and meticulous attention to visual appeal, these pieces are more like wearable collage than the usual bauble. I particularly like the The Dauphine Necklace. Charming, and seeming to come from a different time, the "Dauphine" causes you to do a double take as you realize something very different is going on with this necklace.


Be Warned: Purevile is not for the weak of heart or stomach, but it offers up some of the most unusual pieces of artwork, in the form of jewelry, I have ever seen. The pieces range from simple clean lines to more extravagant and mysterious. All of the items have a story, and the proprietor of the shop is kind enough to share the story with us. Purchasing pieces with history always adds a special touch. Purevile makes use of old ephemera, some merely spooky, and some disturbing to the psyche, as the backdrop to all of the pieces in the shop. Somehow managing a marriage of piece to history. Haunting Revelations is one of the tamer offerings in the shop, but still so eye catching and beautifully...haunting.

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