Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spooky, Man

Smacshop offers a nice assortment of the haunting. As the proprietor has written in the shop announcement, Smacshop is, "where the surreal, nostalgia, past ghosts, forgotten toys, and the rejected human soul all find a home". I like this shop quite a bit. I have visited it several times since I was sent the link, and feel it is best experienced in gallery view.

There is a lasting impression on the psyche after viewing art like that presented in Smacshop. I really like the spooky vibe, strange milieu, and the sense that I am viewing something lost forever, but still very real.


sMacThoughts said...

OH you have honored me with this entry, thank you! And I see lots of other fantabulous oddities strewn about your blog as well! Let me go investigate some more. :)

Katie of Branded Butterfly said...

I am glad you liked it!