Saturday, July 18, 2009

Junk Shop Junkie

I love junk shops. No, not "antique shops" not consignment shops, but junk shops. You find the best stuff there. Treasures. Sometimes worth something sometimes not, but interesting as hell.

I have found loads of things in junk shops that I just couldn't believe someone got rid of. Funny thing is, I am not a pack rat. Others among me are, like my love, and my youngest child. So, if I am in a junk shop, falling in love with something, and having a hard time understanding why you got rid of something so useful, knowing damned well you went out a bought an upgrade to the item that cost twice as much and worked half as well. Like the piece of crap plastic everything that people traded all of that gorgeous wood stuff in for. Crazy.

Here is something I found some months back that I love, love, love. A box of stamps. Obviously for office use. Obviously used. But gently. Whoever used this set kept them nice. I am thinking the company that is stamped on the box either made the stamps or they were something they gave away as a premium for their customers. I have looked up the address and the place is still in business. They are in the security business. Safes or locks or something. Still at the same address.

Not sure of the age. They are old. Has the odor. Has the look. The paper lining in the box is not just crumbling, but to the stage of age where it simply disintegrates with each touch. Turns to powder. Now that could be 15 years or 50. I don't know.

Anyway, each of the stamps is awesome. I am a little mad at myself because I had the set in one of my large boxes where I keep my stamps. Unfortunately, a bottle of stamp cleaner was in there too, and leaked all over the storage box, so the box the stamps are in got some of it on the end. Not happy with that.

The set includes the following:
a period "."

It is just awesome.

Think I paid a $1.50 for it.

Junk shops. Good stuff.

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