Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Since My Last Post...

I have been wanting to create some displays that I think are pretty. So, Saturday I made a wire tree. I think it turned out so great. I do think I got a little fancy for the kind of jewelry I make. I don't get into making fancy baubles, I will leave that to people who know what they are doing when it comes to gems and metals. But, I really do love how my little tree turned out.

I have finally finished taking all of my finished product photos. That was a bear of a job. I am not kidding. I bet between taking the photos and editing them, I have spent at least a 40 hour week on it total. So, now that I have lots of stock for my shops and I have the photos done for all of that, I am going to get into the habit of making three new items for each shop, taking the photos and editing them and getting that listed all in a constant cycle. This way I won't be behind, keeping fingers crossed, and I won't feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Here is a sampler of some of my new items:

I have had several orders in the last few days. Yippee! I think my hard work is paying off.

Weekend before last, I decided my love would enjoy going on a photo scavenger hunt. So, I made her a card with the rules and the list of items she had to take photos of. She has a motorcycle, and this gave her a good reason, not that she needed one, for going riding. So far out of 10 items, she has photographed three. This is two trips out. lol She is choosy like me. One of the things on her list was a photo of an animal. I just figured, given our location, she would get a picture of a cow, horse, or a dog. Look what she found instead. lol


headchange said...

Well I came over to see the tree but I'm loving that goddess pendant.
I also am working on adding structure to my time. I tend just work on whatever feels good that day be it creating pictures or listing.
I can't help but feel sales are coming if I can only gain some discipline.
Of course all these little cyber breaks don't help either

Katie of brandedbutterfly said...

That's the think about being artistic, right? If you let the art flow free, it sort of leads to disorganization. If you get organized, you might feel like the artistic side is getting squashed.

It is a tricky thing to get right.

Thanks for the compliment on my goddess pendant. It will be in my shop in the next couple of days. :) lol Hint, hint. J/K.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Congrats on all of your hard work. You tree looks awesome.

Katie of brandedbutterfly said...

Thank you.

PussDaddy said...

I think you did a good job on the tree, too. I like it with the baubles hanging on it.


Katie of brandedbutterfly said...

Thank you so much.