Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Have a Winner!

I am happy to announce that Audrey had the winning entry to my blog giveaway! I use a random number generator and she was the lucky winner!

Her entry:

Wow - you would think only 6 things would be easy to come up with. Ok here goes (Not necessarily in order of importance):
1) sunshine
2) family
3) coffee
4) blogging
5) entering give aways (and sometimes winning)
6) quiet

I just wanted to thank everyone who entered! I really loved how many great entries I got. Thank you to those who spread the word, too! Believe me you made it a very fun giveaway. We had so many entries!

Don't worry if you didn't win, try again next time. (Yes, I will be doing another giveaway just like this one in the future.)


PussDaddy said...

Congrats to her!


Katie of brandedbutterfly said...

I am excited about this. Thanks PD for congratulating my winner.