Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wish Me Luck! Classes Start Tomorrow!

Here we go again. Fall semester starts tomorrow.

I hope I can do well. I have 4 classes on campus and 2 classes online. I hope it all goes well. It won't be a failure for my lack of trying!

Please, check out this shop! It is run by one of the nicest people I know online. She is always up for the challenge of helping others navigate their online experience, and I want you to buy something from her.

I have been mired in getting caught up with my stores and editing photos, etc. since my last blog post. Also, spending more time in the Etsy forum than I probably should. I have also been getting an Artfire store up and running. I will give it a couple of months to take root. I hope it does well.

I do have one order for a custom Blythe doll carrier, yea!, so I will be getting that done this week and sent off on its way. I also have a bag I am finishing up for my mom. She is quite picky as it turns out. She keeps wanting revisions. When she calls, she first says, "is it too late..." I know then that she wants it different. lol

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