Sunday, September 5, 2010

Frist Art Center Exhibition of The Golden Age of Couture!

I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely loved "The Golden Age of Couture" exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts! Stunning!

I have long been a bit obsessed with the website for the V&A Museum who are the curator's of this exhibit, and I drool over the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute pages all the time, so seeing this many well preserved specimens of art created by some of the best artists to ever walk the planet, up close and personal, was a great day!

Cherry on the sundae? We also got to see unbelievable works by Chihuly! Look at them on the internet all you want, but you must see them in person to witness the truly other worldly glow they give off!

The only drawback to the day was neither exhibit had any seating to speak of. It would be nice if the world would realize that people with physical limitations also like to get out and see things like this. Would it kill people to allow for the fact that I need to sit often in order for me to enjoy myself?

Take a look at the following sites to get a taste of what I saw today:

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