Saturday, July 26, 2008

Don't Worry, It Only Stings for a Moment

For the next few days we are going to take a look at a collection of odd, weird, and interesting creatures who have some very strange DNA. I imagine them each sitting in the lobby, painted a sickly green, of a hospital, all waiting to go in one by one for DNA tests and scientific...exploration.

Some of these specimens of weirdness are quite...cute, some have that unmistakable mixture of cugly, (you know what I mean, so ugly it is cute, like ET), some are merely strange, and some are on the edge of bizarre. I will let you be the judge of that.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

First up is Melabo, a shop of porcelain sculptures where weird science is being beautifully executed. I never thought of these creatures when granny was talking about her precious porcelain collection. The menagerie of woodland creatures includes a Man Spider, Owl Girl, and a Dainty Chipmunk Lady. The creature that tickled my fancy the most was the Petite Man Kitty. Actually, I am still chuckling.


Cloud Eleven offers a mix of glass pendants, bottle stoppers, and bobblers. All are unique and interesting. Some go beyond the interesting and step into the rubbernecking, gotta see what that lady is wearing, category. I laugh every time I see the glass vessels in this shop, and marvel at how creative and skilled this artist must be. They are all so vibrant and polished. This kid's DNA is a mystery, and his bad attitude is adorable.

Finally, we end today with a hint at what is coming tomorrow. A few of my wacky DNA finds have been the work of fabric artists who seem to be happily throwing DNA sequences into a blender. The results are cooky, funny, and amazing. I find myself visiting these shops for a dose of the giggles.

FlakyFriends offers a variety of plushies with huge personalities. The finely tuned artistry and skill used to make these original creations is a wonder, and a must see. I love their screwy expressions and their openness. Everyone needs at least one flaky friend.


Lisa Rippee said...

Oh my gosh, Katie!! Thanks so much for including my crazy creations in your blog entry. I'm glad they make you giggle!

And they're in with some great company!!

Hollywood said...

"The finely tuned artistry and skill"

I'm flattered that you would say so! More like - the lack of any sewing training that lead to a unique approach at construction ;) Thanks for the feature - I just those those faces that look tortured and twisted as well - good picks.